Music and the Church distills scholarly research on Christianity and music to give you the big picture on what Christians believed about music in the past and how they used music in their churches. And it examines the present-day connections between what we believe and what we do in our churches. 


I’ve ministered as a church musician for almost 20 years in all the major mainline Protestant denominations as well as some evangelical and Catholic churches. I grew up independent Baptist (and earned a bachelor’s degree at Bob Jones University), then joined the Eastern Orthodox Church as a young adult. I’ve researched sacred music while earning a master’s degree at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and master’s and PhD degrees at Duke University.

Music and the Church draws together the views of a wide spectrum of people who research Christianity and music. Some are Christians, and some are not Christians or don’t make their faith apparent in their public work. Some are church musicians, pastors, and other people who lead congregational worship on a regular basis, and some are not.


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Sarah Bereza, PhD

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