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The Music and the Church Podcast

Join church musicians Sarah Bereza and Crawford Wiley for insight into today's diverse worship landscape, tips for a happier, healthier ministry, and interviews with organists, choir directors, and other worship leaders.

About the Hosts

Sarah Bereza and Crawford Wiley have over 35 years of experience serving churches across the denominational spectrum as organists and choir directors. This podcast invites you to join the conversation they've been having about church music since they met in high school organ camp.

Sarah Bereza, PhD, is a musicologist and church musician. Her research specialty is Christian congregational music (read more about her background here), and she is organist at Immanuel Presbyterian Church (Cincinnati, Ohio) and organist/cantor at a small Catholic parish.

Crawford Wiley, M.S.M., is Director of Music and Liturgy at St. Jude the Apostle Parish (Wauwatosa, Wisconsin). He studied with Craig Cramer at the Univ. of Notre Dame.


Podcast Episodes